HowTech BV was founded in August 2005 and the company is situated at EUTechPark in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. HowTech focuses on the development and practical applications of an innovative digital media technology --- SyncMovie System. The system applies a unique digital video processing technology, combining the most advanced digital display devices, to show the animated images and texts to the viewers in motion. The key technology of SyncMovie System has been protected by international patent applications in China, USA and European Union.

The uniqueness of SyncMovie System is that the displayed contents are shifting on the screen in synchronization with the movement of the viewers. Compared with the traditional outdoor advertising media, SyncMovie System has unique advantages:
- High eye-catching rate without blocking traffic;
- Significant extension of the interaction time between the media and the viewers;
- Capability of showing the full commercials to the viewers in motion;
- Creating more value for the owners of media space;
According to different application scenarios, the display platform of SyncMovie could be projectors or flat panel display devices, such as LCD and LED.


The SyncMovie System can be widely used in public places like airports, train stations, shopping malls, expo centers, stadiums, etc., to display real-time information, TV programs, commercials, and so on. SyncMovie System is not a substitution of the traditional media, but a beneficial supplement. In order to achieve a better effect, the advertisers can choose an optimal combination of SyncMovie System and the traditional media. With its leading technology, SyncMovie System opens a totally new area in the out-of-home advertising market.